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NOTICE: Nisus will be discontinuing the sale of Terro-PCO as inventories are depleted and will be offering the new DominAnt Liquid Ant Bait product line. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Terro-PCO is a liquid ant bait with a unique super-sweet attractant. It instantly attracts ants, which flock to it in minutes – you can even watch it working! Your Pest Management Professional (PMP) uses Terro-PCO to manage all common household ants and their colonies.

At a Glance

  • Controls and kills all common household ants and their colonies.
  • Ultra-sweet attractant lures ants quickly – customers can see it working.
  • Active ingredient is Borax.
  • Easy to use, and available in convenient snip-and-place bait stations as well as 16-oz. and 1-gallon containers.
  • No unpleasant odors.
  • Effective green pesticide for use in a Green Pest Management program.

A Closer Look

Terro-PCO is a green pesticide that can be used by your Pest Management Professional in a Green Pest Management program designed specifically to protect your home. As a borate-based product, Terro-PCO has a very low mammalian toxicity and targets specific pests. This reduces the impact on people, pets and non-target insects beneficial to the environment (such as butterflies and honeybees). Also, your PMP will apply Terro-PCO only where needed, further reducing any unnecessary impact to the rest of the environment. And since it is long-lasting, less product is required for a successful and effective Green Pest Management program.

How it Works & Why It’s Green

Its super-sweet bait may lure ants quickly, but Terro-PCO’s ultimate effect on target pests comes from the way the boron molecules in its active ingredient interfere with a pest’s metabolism. Because pests cannot excrete excess boron as humans and other organisms can, the boron builds up in their systems and ultimately interrupts the normal chemical process of transforming food into energy. So, by ingesting Terro-PCO, the insect is unable to extract nutrition from its food and effectively starves to death. Humans, pets and other living things don’t share the risk because they are able to excrete excess boron from their bodies.